TJ12025 CNC Router with 8 Heads Rotary


Besidesworking on flat materials, the machine is widely used in carving cubic and column work piece such as wooden table legs,the human body,figure of Buddha,the goddess of mercy,sculpture,handicrafts,stair handrail,cylinder Musical Instruments.

Main configuration:

1. CE Certification

2. Working voltage:380V, AC50/60Hz,3Phase

3. Working length:1200mm,Max diameter 250mm

4. Industrial Heavy Duty Casr steel Structure

5. High Efficient German Rack Gear transmission,X,Y axis Rack and pinion,Z axis German Ball screw

6. Taiwan Hiwin square guid rail

7. Servo motor and driver System

8. 8*2.2KW Inverter

9. 8*2.2kw water cooling spindle

10. Table moving making the machine can work on both flat and rotary shapes

11. RichAuto 4th Axis A18 DSP handheld Controlling System with USB interface

12. Whole set of maintenance tools,Allen wrench,Spanner,copper connection,clamps etc.

13. CD of Manual of Operation,Training Video

Technical Data:

    Machine model 

    TJ 12025

    XY working area

    1200*250 mm

    Z working area

    300 mm 

    Table size 

    1600*3100 mm


    8*2.2KW water cooling spindle

    Speed of spindle 

    0-24000 rpm/min

    Max. speed

    60 m/min

    Max. working speed

    30 m/min

    Working delicacy

    0.05 mm


    movable table 


    G code*u00* mmg*plt

    Surrounding for software



    AC380 3 phases 

    Work mode

    Servo motor


    Steel structure, square orbit, ball screw 

    Control software

    RichAuto 4 axis A18 DSP handheld